Commercial Reel

 A compilation of commercials that Beevision has produced, edited and/or animated. Clients: multiple Some of the fantastic Beevision staff who contributed to this reel are: Animators Julia Chabad, Adam Bradovka, Khi Hyun-Kim, Zane Waldman, Ammon Riley, Jordan Priede, Marg McGhie Production managers Meghan Chin & Kim Plate.

CMC Markets

 CMC Markets Trading Advantages Client: Working Brands These spots are form a series of green screen commercials for CMC Markets. Creative development and storyboarding by Drew Williams for Working Brands. Beevision handled all aspects of the production (casting/shoot) and post-production (animation/editing/sound). Producer Drew Williams. Production Manager Nina Beveridge. Directed by Paul Hart. Edited and…


 Staples Canada campaign Client: Ivan Landers Productions This is one of the numerous Staples commercials we posted for Ivan Landers. As well as handling the post and animation on the Staples Canada spots we also did sign and logo replacements on several Staples US spots for air in Canada.

Whistlestop Productions Reel

 Commercial compilation reel Client: Whistlestop Productions This video includes a selection of 30 sec. commercials edited and animated for Whistlestop Productions. Over the years we created dozens of spots like these for BMW, Suzuki, Honda, Yamaha and Suzuki. For a number of years we shared a studio with Producer David Hatch of Whistlestop Productions…