Paul’s Post… take one

For the past couple of years while Nina has been busy producing “The Ghosts In Our Machine” I have been fortunate to work with many other talented people. Most projects have been for broadcast on CBC, TVO and just about every Corus Entertainment channel. The prolific amount of work has been quite amazing and I couldn’t have managed without the help of James Yates who has been a rock solid fixture here at Beevision. I met James while speaking at Niagara College and we have become a strong team, usually not only editing the work but also doing the complete finishing with colour correction, motion graphics, titles and final delivery. I could boast about my toolbox and toys but I won’t… except maybe the addition of Davinci Resolve and a very nice FSI color grading monitor.

Here is a sampling of my recent projects:

Museum Diaries: editor, colour correction, online and motion graphics
6 x 30 min. doc style series featuring a diverse group of curators at the Royal Ontario Museum. Produced by Up Front Entertainment for TVO, producers Linda Stregger and Barbara Barde, directed by Jaime Escallon-Buraglia

Deadly By Design: editor, colour correction and online
A one hour documentary for CBC’s Doc Zone about the booming and deadly business of Ecstasy and Crystal Meth manufacturing in Canada. Special reenactments with my daughter Jamie’s first dramatic death scene and my son Liam buying and doing drugs! Check out my trailer:
Produced by Up Front Entertainment, producers Linda Stregger and Barbara Barde, directed by Jaime Escallon-Buraglia

CMT Presents Dean Brody: editor
Winner of the 2013 CCMA for Country Music Program or Special this one hour docu-concert was also nominated for a Canadian Screen Award in the best Music Program or Series category. Between songs at a live concert in Calgary, Dean Brody returns to Jaffray, B.C. where he is a hometown hero! Directed by Joel Stewart for Corus Entertainment.

CMT Presents Little Big Town – Tornado: editor
Little Big Town, performing a whirlwind live show at the Mod Club in Toronto. I had fun on this one hour special that kicks and was directed by Joel Stewart for Corus Entertainment

40 Year Old Rookie: editor
I just recently cut a very cool pilot for this doc series about Texas born, Country singer-songwriter  Willie Mack who has had “visions” and at 39 is preparing to try out for the CFL. Directed by Joel Stewart for Corus Entertainment.

Jason McCoy Eats America: editor
I cut 3 x 30 minute episodes of this six part series. Each episode features Country artist Jason McCoy in a different southern state where he visits awesome restaurants, meets quirky folk artists and explores cool off the beaten path experiences. Directed by Joel Stewart for CMT.

The Maestro & The Master: Online editor, motion graphics & titles
One hour documentary follows Canadian architect Jack Diamond and Russia’s famous conductor Velery Gergievthe as they oversee the building of the new Mariinsky Theatre in St. Petersburgh. Produced by Up Front Entertainment, edited by Deborah Palloway, producers Linda Stregger and Barbara Barde, directed by Yosif Feyginberg

Mississippi Snake Grabbers: editor
Mississippi Snake Grabbers is a lifestyle-reality episodic series featuring 6 Mississippi law enforcement agents (DEA, Bureau of Narcotics, State Troopers, District Attorney, etc) who, on the weekends head out to the wilds of Mississippi and catch snakes with their bare hands. Directed by Joel Stewart

Talent Hounds: co-editor & online editor
Produced and directed by Susan Nation for the Pet Network this one hour doc is about… you guessed it… big dogs, little dogs and working dogs.

Green Heroes season 2: online editor, colour correction, opening animation
6 x 30 min. doc series plus 20 webisodes – Produced by CineFocus Canada in association with TVO. Remarkable stories of people who acted on their ideas and heroically “ventured forth” to protect our planet. Produced by John Bessai and directed by Joan Prowse

The Mystery of KA 114: Online editor, colour correction, titles
This one hour documentary was shot over nine years and follows the most ambitious restoration of a WW2 aircraft ever undertaken. Woven in to the film are first hand accounts of several pilots who flew what was in 1942 the fastest airplane in the world. Produced by Cinema 16, Executive Produced by Mark Johnston and directed by Sandy Thomson

Ultimate Fan Access – One Direction! editor
One hour special for YTV about contest winner Amanda and her sister who fly to New York City to attend One Direction’s sold-out concert at Madison Square Garden and meet the famous five – Harry, Liam, Louis, Niall, and Zayn – at a VIP meet-and-greet event. Hoardes of screaming winner girls from 14 countries!

Big In a Small Town: editor
A cross Canada competition/reality series to find the next big country music star. Directed by Joel Stewart for Corus Entertainment

In between all of these projects I somehow found time to work with Doug Hohener at Creativeworks on corporate and fund raising videos for Scotiabank, Canadian Diabetes Assoc., Toronto General and Western Hospitals, Sick Kids Hospital, Princess Margaret and BC Kids Hospital. To make sure I had no spare time I also cut on-air promos and trailers at Corus for ABC Spark, Movie Central, OWN, CMT, YTV, Treehouse, and the W Network. Somewhere in the mix there were a couple of commercials and a few other corporates plus the half dozen pitch/sizzle reels for new series in development, trailers for many of the above and of course shooting and editing my daughter Jamie’s acting audition videos and my son Liam’s indie band “The Unemployed’s” numerous performances.

It’s been an action packed 18 months and I would like to thank everyone mentioned in this post.



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The Ghosts In Our Machine

It has been a blistering two years for Nina Beveridge, who has been working round the clock as a Producer with Director/Producer/Writer Liz Marshall on the cross media project THE GHOSTS IN OUR MACHINE. After a successful premier at Hot Docs 2013 in which THE GHOSTS received a Hot Docs Top Ten Audience Award, the film had a very successful theatrical run in Canada, Nina and Liz are now working on the plans to release the film theatrically in the USA this fall.

There are more exciting announcements to come!

THE GHOSTS IN OUR MACHINE illuminates the lives of individual animals living within and rescued from the machine of our modern world. Through the heart and lens of acclaimed animal photographer Jo-Anne McArthur we become intimately familiar with a cast of animal subjects. Are nonhuman animals property to be owned and used, or are they sentient beings deserving of rights?

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Nina Beveridge attending Realscreen

Beevision President Nina Beveridge will be heading to Realscreen on January 29 with two great new projects including Fear Facer - a reality/documentary series and Mandala – an experimental interactive documentary.

For Hop To It Productions Nina will be pitching some excellent projects in development including Talent Hounds, Dating Disasters and Life’s a Pitch.

See you at Realscreen!

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Beevision has a new website!

After years of working on everyone else’s websites, Paul Hart and I have finally updated our own Beevision website. It is amazing to think that our company, incorporated in 1993, is almost 20 years old! It has been fun going through all our old work and figuring out what to put on the site. In 2 decades there have been a lot of technology changes! But great stories and great designs are timeless!

Our About section mentions our key corporate affiliations – most importantly – Hop To It Productions and Olympic Spirit – both companies we have invested a lot of time and creative energy with.

Please bear with us as we continue to add content to our portfolio sections. We couldn’t wait to launch the new site.

Nina & Paul

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Hello wordpress

This is our 4th website. The first two were 100% flash and the last one had flash navigation. I am a little sad to leave flash out of the equation at this point, but with the advent of the iOs platform and the ease of use of wordpress it seems like wordpress is the way to go for our new website. Last year when I was working with Druple Guru Kevin Walsh on the DOCspace website he used the term ‘interoperability’ and his advice to me is that this was the key to great website design today. Thanks Kevin!

And a big shout out to Mike Tucker who helped us set up this website – we like to work with Mike whenever we can on our web productions – he is reliable, organized and a stand up guy. Thanks Mike!

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